Hi! This is the unofficial Dreamhost API.
Let's start with, erm, the old news:

Version update

First of all, if you've been using the previous version, there are some significant changes : most variables names and all function names have been changed in order to avoid possible conflicts with the rest of your script.

Then, both dhapi_panelEmailCreate() and dhapi_panelEmailEdit() functions have a new parameter that may break your exisiting code. See documentation for more inforations about this new feature : now you can set an email address to be forward-only, so all incoming mail will be locally deleted after they are forwarded. You will not be able to even connect to the mailbox... Well that just emulating the panel options : fully-hosted, forward-only or garbage mailbox...

We now also have a dhapi_panelEmailDelete() function that takes for parameter the email address you want to delete (do not forget to dhapi_panelConnect() first and to dhapi_panelDisconnect() after!)

This should be enough for the email part! Please, test it and report about it!

Coming up next, cron jobs! Because I will need them... Do you think it's better with SSH or via the panel? Please feel free to contribute to whatever part you think may be useful to you, adding a function is quite easy!

Hello world!

This is a new post.
This is a new blog.

This is the DreamHost API!

Although NOT issued or supported by DreamHost, this simple PHP script works closely with YOUR panel and "emulates" some of it's functions.

What is it? First of all, it's for the happy DreamHost customers ONLY! For the application designers maybe. Those of you who want to create "automatically" an email address without logging to the panel and doing it by hand. You include this script into yours, and you're ready to go! Easy to use functions...

What can you do? Besides checking how it works and downloading/using it, please consider GIVING A HAND by contributing.
The main problem is, because it's we're not affiliated with DreamHost, a simple change to the panel could break the whole script. And we need it to have the API achieve some other things, so please CONTRIBUTE!

More to come...